Danielle Knight

“Running a business, and trying to be a mum is stressful enough let alone throwing the tech side of social media in the mix. I was lucky enough to have Nic jump onto my socials and sort all of my problems out instantly. I’m looking forward to working with her in the future to help grow my business.”

Blake & Hayley McCloy

“With so many aspects of our business to juggle, we simply didn’t have the time to give our social media the attention it needed in order to utilise it to its full capacity as an effective marketing tool.

We are thrilled with how much our social media has grown since working with Soqual from 2015. Nic has successfully transformed our pages into professional, consistent representations of our brand.

Nic has a thorough understanding of our business as a whole and what our set goals and targets are. Not only have we tripled our number of social media followers, we consistently receive great responses for our promotions and events as well as positive feedback from customers.”

Jade Pearsall

“When you run a business there are soo many balls to juggle and let’s face it, no one person can manage all facets of business perfectly on their own. I often tell my clients, outsource the things you can’t do well, so I took my own advice and reached out to the professionals. Nic and the Soqual team gave us some tips and pointers on how to navigate social media better. Nic was so helpful, had so much knowledge to share and really knows her stuff. I walked away with really tangible plans for next steps and I’m so excited to see what awesome things Puro People can do with her help.

I really can’t say thank you enough.”

Ty Brennock

“I have proudly known Nic since she started her business, and have been fortunate enough to introduce her to Monica Clare Recruitment as a client of hers. She is a true partner of our business in terms of managing our social media strategy.

She has grown our following and awareness through the roof, is strategic with our style, and listens and learns to develop our own digital personality that represents Monica Clare Recruitment alone. She is insightful, hard-working, results-focused, extremely easy to communicate with and fun as hell!

A professional with personality, a good business, and someone we are happy to be working with”

Trent Robinson

We highly recommend Soqual!

After handing over our social media management to Nic and the team we received great results. With just over 80% of our leads coming from these platforms alone, it meant we could cut down on other avenues of marketing and therefore reducing our overall spend.

Their professional and tailored approach makes it a breeze to collaborate with Soqual.

Backspace Living

Marty & Jamie

We have had the pleasure of working with Soqual for over 18 months now and it was the best decision that we made.

Nothing was ever too much for Nic and the Soqual girls who always went above and beyond to ensure everything was done perfectly.

Their processes are clear and informative which takes the stress and pressure off us.

Their communication was second to none and I would have no hesitation in recommending the Soqual team to anyone.

If you are looking for a place that takes on all the roles and responsibilities for your marketing then Soqual should be your first choice!