Marketing Trends for 2023

marketing Trends 2023

As a general rule, marketing and digital content never goes out of style…if it’s done right! When it comes to attracting new customers and growing your business in an ever-changing and evolving consumer landscape, it is important to stay ahead of the curve and on top of the latest marketing trends. Here are our predictions for the top marketing trends for 2023 to keep you one step ahead of your competitors!

Video Content is King

You have the power to connect with your audiences on a much deeper level, but how? The answer is found in this first marketing trend…visual storytelling! 

The emergence of short form video is an undeniable trend for marketing in 2023. It provides consumers with highly entertaining, surprising, or captivating content which, in turn, drives interactivity and connection. Even the simple addition of a video to your website may increase engagement by 80%! 

So if you aren’t utilising video already, here are three reasons why it should be ruling your marketing strategy in 2023: 

  1. Captures audience attention and increasing engagement

Videos are consumed more than ever before. Whether it be for YouTube, Instagram reels, Tik Tok videos, or Facebook stories, video is a versatile and engaging content format. Not only are they great storytelling tools, they also provide you with an opportunity to relate to your target audience. 

Tip! Identify familiar situations that your audience might relate to create more of a connection and build engagement.  

  • Easy to digest 

Making sure your video content is easy for your audience to digest, aka “all killer, no filler”, is important. Respect their time through clear and succinct video content that encapsulates what they would like to know and what they would find useful. Through answering those questions and growing an understanding for your audience, the more your content will immediately appeal to them! 

  • Boosts conversions and sales 

Video is a great return on investment (ROI) and the logic behind this is simple—videos are a powerful tool to convince customers of the value of your products or services through showing rather than telling. 

If you have a product, why not post a casual video as a way to talk people through how to use it? Or a quick before and after reel to demonstrate the benefits of using your product? 

By seeing a video, your potential customers feel more confident in making a buying decision, thus directly improving your sales. 

Mobile Optimisation is more important than ever

Mobile phones are one of the most convenient ways to access the internet. As the number of smartphone users is constantly (and rapidly) increasing, it is crucial to ensure your website is mobile responsive in its design. As the 10th largest eCommerce market by revenue worldwide, Australia tremendously benefits from mobile phone technology, and so does your business! 

What do we mean by Mobile Optimisation?

Mobile optimisation is the process of optimising your website to make sure it displays correctly and functions well on mobile devices. It improves the overall user experience and supports you to achieve the highest potential for generating leads, revenue, or conversions of any sort.

Gain a competitive edge

Users LOVE to have a smooth experience while checking out products on their smartphones. Not only does mobile optimisation create a consistent experience and help your website look visually appealing, it provides a great opportunity for website users to share your product or service on social media. There are countless opportunities for shoppers to look for the products and services they need and the brand they want, so why not ensure that you are providing your customers with the easiest user experience and remain competitive within your market?

Tap into user behaviours 

According to Shopify, 69.4% of internet users report using shopping apps on phones and/or tablets. Looking at consumer behaviour trends in 2023, it is clear that there will be a rapid rise in the number of mobile phone users in Australia, making it more important than ever to optimise your sites for mobile users! 

Increase brand awareness and customer engagement through mobile optimised advertising

Small and medium businesses that employ digital strategies (such as leveraging SEO services, Google Ads or Facebook Advertising) have a better chance of gaining leads and being recognised by their ideal audience through mobile optimisation than with desktop or physical marketing-only strategies.

If you need a helping hand implementing these marketing trends into your future business plans, our team can’t wait to work with you! As your outsourced marketing team, Soqual can help your business grow through strategically improving your marketing content and optimising your website to achieve maximum results. Get in touch with us to discuss a customised digital marketing strategy for your business in 2023. 

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