What We Do

SOQUAL is a Social Media Agency based in Newcastle.

Social Media Management

Struggling to find time for Social Media?

Hand it over to SOQUAL and we’ll take care of it for you.

SOQUAL offers full social media management services. We can develop and post content, monitor performance and undertake maintenance and standard page updates for you - with monthly reports so you know exactly what’s going on. Leaving you time to just get on with running the business!

SOQUAL will take a strategic approach to ensure that social media is working for you!

Social Media Advertising

Build your audience... fast!

Facebook and Instagram Advertising can be highly beneficial for your business and, with the right execution, has the ability to put you in front of thousands (or hundreds of thousands!) of potential customers.

Strategically, we can help you get the right message out to the right audience and together we can start to see what impact social media can really make to your business.

Social Media Training

Take the DIY approach!

SOQUAL offers Social Media Training where we can review your social media efforts and give you some pointers, or go one step further and develop a social media strategy for you, to ensure you are getting the very best results from social media.

We offer one on one, group and corporate training