Email Marketing


Keep your audience connected and ‘in the know’ with regular email marketing! Electronic Direct Mailouts (EDMs) are an underrated, highly effective marketing solution – when they’re executed correctly!

If your business is the kind that is continuously growing your database (for example, you’re selling a product or you’re a B2C service provider), why not keep in touch with your customers regularly? EDMs provide a fantastic opportunity to build and nurture relationships with your most valued customers and, when executed regularly and effectively, email marketing may end up becoming one of your largest sales funnels!

Soqual’s EDM services are tailor-made to each business, and cover everything from the conception of your email marketing stream, through to regular copywriting, design, distribution and management.

Talk to us about how we can assist you to best utilise your existing email database or help you build one from scratch! We’re looking forward to working with you!

We’re always looking to connect with our audience through our Facebook and Instagram pages as well! Having a wholistic digital marketing plan is key to finding success in building awareness and converting consumers to your brand.

Did you know we offer comprehensive social media marketing services as well? You can check them out here.