Top Tips for Writing Killer Copy!

There’s no denying that the digital world is more competitive than ever. Whether you’re selling a product, promoting your services or simply trying to share your expertise online, standing out from your competitors and having a voice is becoming increasingly more challenging. 

But it’s not impossible! 

One of the best ways to stand out online is to nail your copy. Between social media posts, website blogs or paid advertising, words are all around us! Here are our top five tips for writing killer copy and being heard online.

Know Your Audience

Understanding your audience is one of the most important considerations when writing copy for your brand or industry. 

Knowledge around the demographic of your audience, as well as their interests and needs allows you the opportunity to be relatable. Use language that shows your audience you understand them; that you have the answers to their questions and you’re a fantastic source of information. 

Be sure to also use language that doesn’t confuse your audience! Adding fancy words and industry jargon into your captions and blogs can sometimes make a reader feel like they are out of their depth and as such, they may stop reading.

Be Specific

As a writer, it can sometimes be a little too easy to branch out on tangents and lose sight of your initial message. This is because you’re passionate and have a lot to say – and that’s great! The issue this can cause however, is that you increase the potential to lose your audience. 

Our advice? Share the main focus of your message at the beginning. Let your reader know what they will gain if they continue reading. Throughout your entire written piece, be sure to stick to key points and reference your main message, whether that be through headings, dot points or categorised sections. 

If you find you have more to say on a broad level, use that as an opportunity to create additional content for your brand in separate posts or on another platform.

Keep It Succinct

The attention span of online consumers has dropped yet again, and is sitting around 8 seconds. What this means for copywriters is that it’s more important than ever to keep your copy succinct! This doesn’t mean you can’t write lengthy pieces of copy. It just means that your copy needs to be easy-to-read. 

Our biggest tip on creating succinct copy is to keep your sentences short and to the point, reducing unnecessary ‘fluff’ words wherever you can. 

Write Naturally

Writing copy in a way that feels natural to you can provide a number of benefits for your business. If copywriting is an integral part of your business model, keeping things natural is an organic way of creating and maintaining your brand’s tone of voice (the way you want your brand to communicate with your audience). 

You will also find that writing naturally makes the whole process easier and more enjoyable for you! What’s more? Using your own voice to share your expertise, sell your products or promote your services will naturally attract the right audience and assist you in building relationships online. 

Proofread Everything!

Our last tip for writing killer copy is to make sure you, or your writers proofread everything. Typos, grammatical errors and unfinished sentences are a sure-fire way to tarnish your brand’s reputation. Taking an extra five minutes (or half an hour – whatever you need!) to dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s is a worthwhile and small investment of your time.  

Over time, your ability to write killer copy for your brand will improve, so keep going! Hopefully you can take some of these tips and implement them into your writing process to assist you in hitting your target audience and having your voice heard online. 

Of course, the Soqual team is always here to support you with your creative writing needs. To discuss copywriting for your brand, get in touch with our team today. 

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