We Are Soqual!

Today, I’m so excited to announce our new company name, Soqual, and what it means for us as an agency moving forward.

As social media platforms have changed, our agency and services have evolved right along with them. We’ve built our new brand identity to reflect this, and this is why we chose our new name to be Soqual. “Aligning quality businesses with quality social media.” We value you – our community, and want to show our appreciation for being part of the journey with us so far.

But firstly, I’d like to mention our continuing commitment to our clients’ success and want to thank you for your partnership and loyalty during these trying times as we navigate Covid-19. These past few weeks have seen a huge amount of change, and we’re feeling it right along with you.

It may seem a weird time to be launching our new business name. Still, we want to show you, our community that it’s okay to take risks, to keep moving forward and try something new when things feel like they’re falling apart. We champion authenticity and creativity because it’s what helps us, and our clients, stand out. We hope to inspire everyone to be bolder and take risks in their branding efforts as their businesses evolve over the next few months.

As many of you know, So Social Online started back in 2015. Social media marketing was my side hustle to my full-time job in fashion management. I’d always had a keen eye for style and wanted to explore more of my creativity in the digital space. From the moment, I got my first opportunity to work with clients, I was hooked. I knew I had found my passion and So Social Online was born.

I spent the first year educating myself on everything social media marketing. I learnt how to represent brands visually in the ever-changing digital landscape. Working in an industry that is ever-changing, staying educated and up to date is still such a crucial part of my job. I would go as far as to say I am a Social Media Marketing nerd. Leadership skills came into play when I hired my first social media strategist, Abbie, who is still with us today. Fast forward to 2020, and we have grown to a team of 6.

I can’t wait to see where the next 5 years takes us as an agency and a business! Thanks for being apart of the journey so far!

Nic xxx

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